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Airspan Selected for UK Smart Grid Pilot with Western Power Distribution


Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider of 4G broadband wireless access networks, announced today that it has been selected by Western Power Distribution (WPD) to supply a WIGRID broadband wireless access solution for the Government funded pilot of a low carbon smart grid network.

Airspan’s compact pico base station, AirSynergy 2000, is to be deployed to provide secure high bandwidth wireless connections between primary and secondary power grid sub-stations in and around Milton Keynes, UK. A hierarchical wireless architecture is being adopted whereby AirSynergy 2000 base stations deliver WiGRID M2M access with integrated iBridge wireless backhaul. Airspan is also providing network design and professional services.

Barrie Stephens, Infrastructure Manager for the Surf Telecoms division of WPD, said: “Being able to develop a robust telecommunication network is a critical element in our strategy, especially given the forecasted uptake in low-carbon technologies such as electric cars, heat pumps, and solar panels. Airspan’s compact low power base station technology is an ideal complement to the energy saving technologies for which this pilot will pave the way.”

The Milton Keynes pilot, part of WPD’s low carbon project known as FALCON, is being operated on spectrum licenses granted by the regulator Ofcom to allow the trials to proceed and prove the viability of wireless control and monitoring of the electricity grid.

“We are delighted to be selected by WPD and to be part of this revolutionizing pilot,” commented Paul Trubridge, Airspan Vice President of Product Management. “AirSynergy 2000’s high performance and compliance with WiGRID profiles will enable deployment of a smart grid solution that meets WPD’s security and network integration needs. The pilot deployment in Milton Keynes serves as a blue print for the smart grid telecommunications network model in Europe and beyond.”

AirSynergy 2000 is a groundbreaking pico cell, multi-standard 4G product. Its compact design ensures discrete deployments in various locations such as lamp posts, utility poles and building fronts. Most unique to the product is its integrated wireless backhaul capability, called iBridge, and the ability to self-configure, self-connect, self-heal and self-optimize when deployed.

WiGRID was recently established by the WiMAX Forum as an interoperable wireless profile for use in electricity utility networks.

Airspan products include Pico, Micro and Macro base stations, a wide variety of user devices, and advanced core network products, providing 4G LTE and WiMAX connectivity solutions operating in the 150 MHz up to 5.9 GHz bands.

SOURCE: Airspan