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IoT World Forum 2018
IoT World Forum 2018

Energy Pool, Schneider Electric, Sojitz and TEPCO launch the design of the first demand response demonstration project for the Japanese industry


The consortium comprising Energy Pool, Schneider Electric and Sojitz announced that they had been selected to design an industrial demand response demonstration project for Japan through the Next Generation Energy and Social System Demonstration Projects 2013 open recruitment program conducted by the New Energy Promotion Council (NEPC). This project, launched in partnership with TEPCO, is a first in Japan.

Following the East Japan catastrophes in 2011, a reform of the Japanese energy system had become urgent. Thus, the Japanese public authorities launched numerous initiatives to promote better energy management, energy efficiency and innovative projects in renewable energies. This is the background for the selection of the demand response demonstration project proposed by Energy Pool, Schneider Electric, Sojitz and TEPCO.

“Industrial Demand Response has already demonstrated its efficiency in Europe. By introducing an agile and flexible way of balancing power supply and demand, the technology addresses the issues of consumption fluctuation and the integration of renewable energies”, says Olivier Baud, President and Founder of Energy Pool. We are excited about this project which will showcase our European demand-response expertise in Asia and will help to hasten the advent of a more sustainable energy mix in Japan.”

The design of the demonstration project will use the European iDR model as a reference while tailoring it to the power distribution system and to the specific features of the Japanese industry. The project will leverage the expertise and experience of four partners:

Energy Pool will bring its experience and expertise in demand response for the industrial sector, will be responsible for setting up the Network Operation Center (NOC) and operations throughout the demonstration project;
Schneider Electric will contribute through its expertise in industrial process supervision and automation, and will host the NOC in its Tokyo offices;
Sojitz, the managing company, will liaise with participating companies, authorities and organizations, will bring to the project its network of business relationship with industrial end-users and its know-how regarding business development in Japan;
TEPCO will bring its operational experience in power grid balancing and use the DR service through the demonstration project.

Scheduled for deployment by 2014, the demonstration project will reach a capacity of 50 MW, equivalent to the average residential consumption of a city of more than 200,000 inhabitants in Japan¹. The consortium’s mission will also include proposing recommendations about regulation and operational processes in the context of the Japanese electric system reform plan.

¹ Equivalent to a Tokurei city for Japan, or a city of more than 150,000 inhabitants in France like Grenoble.

SOURCE: Schneider Electric