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IoT World Forum 2018
IoT World Forum 2018

Oracle Utilities Analytics 2.5 Helps Utilities Improve Storm Response and Manage Smart Devices


Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Utilities Analytics 2.5, with enhanced pre-built dashboards that help utilities improve response times and communication during storms, and efficiently manage smart grid devices to help ensure return on investment.

Major event management analytical dashboards designed to improve response times and customer communication accuracy during significant storms. The solution enables utilities to monitor different outage types, such as a primary circuit wire-down or flooded underground (UG) vault, across regions and identify areas with the most critical customers to better prioritize response teams. Utilities can also track outages across service areas by crew status and have near real-time IEEE reliability indices to make better decisions and more effectively communicate externally.

Operational Device Management analytical dashboards to track smart grid devices (such as smart meters or switch controllers) and better manage these assets to help maximize return on investment. With the Oracle solution in place, utilities can monitor the status of device warranties, firmware updates, asset inventory requirements as well as the number of meters that are failing acceptance testing.

Billing operations and credit and collections dashboards that enable utilities to better manage billing exceptions, pay plans, payment arrangements and collection template effectiveness to improve billing timeliness and accuracy, collection rates and reduce overall bad debt.

Oracle Utilities Analytics 2.5 introduces new industry standard data integration architecture for extract, transform and load (ETL) processes, designed to improve ETL performance, better data lineage and support greater flexibility in data mapping and process configuration and management.

“Turning raw data into actionable intelligence requires new tools, new processes and a shift in utilities’ traditional approach to customer service. Oracle Utilities Analytics 2.5 provides utilities with pre-built analytics that enables them to gain immediate insights into the vast amount of data they bring in from smart meters and smart grid deployments – to completely transform the customer experience, now and into the future,” said Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Utilities.