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IoT World Forum 2018

EDF SEI Deploys Itron Solution to Monitor and Optimize Electricity Generation in French Guiana


Itron, Inc. announced today that EDF SEI has deployed Itron’s comprehensive metering solution to optimize electricity generation for its inland territory operations in French Guiana on the north Atlantic coast of South America. The solution helps EDF SEI monitor its energy production and consolidate production data to streamline operations at its generation plants, including thermal, hydraulic and hybrid (fuel and solar panels).

Itron supplied industrial meters, associated data collection software and communication technology, including modems for data transmission via satellite and GPRS communications. In addition, Itron designed and developed user-friendly dashboards that consolidate data from the utility’s production plants dispatched over 12 separate networks. These dashboards, defined by EDF SEI and designed by Itron, provide the network administrator with the indicators needed to optimize the management of production sites from one central point located in Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana.

“To better optimize the production of our generation plants, we needed the necessary data to characterize each plant and comprehensively analyze our production. This data allows us to streamline grid operations and deliver the best service to our customers. We consulted with Itron and the company designed a future-proof solution that gives us what we need in a single, unified system. We now have all the necessary information to achieve our goals,” said Pascal Martorana, network expert at EDF SEI.

Itron worked with EDF SEI to ensure that the solution would address the utility’s business challenges and meet its unique service territory requirements. As a result, Itron provided ACE SL7000 LVRT high-end industrial meters, which are equipped with current loops, allowing for quick and easy installation without disrupting the power supply, a key factor when working on power generation stations.

“We are pleased that EDF SEI has once again trusted Itron to bring innovation to its operations. After the successful integration of renewable energies in French Guiana and on several French islands, including Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Reunion and Corsica, we are now helping EDF SEI optimize power plant monitoring in remote territories,” said Remy Brill, Itron vice president of sales, marketing and delivery for electricity in EMEA. “Itron is always looking for new and innovative ways to help our customers better manage energy and water.”