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IoT World Forum 2018

Alstom inaugurates Middle East’s first Smart Grid Centre in Dubai


Alstom today announced the opening of the first Smart Grid Centre in the Middle East, a major step in its long term commitment to providing sustainable electricity infrastructure to the United Arab Emirates and the region. The facility in Dubai was inaugurated by His Excellency Saeed Mohamed Al Tayer, DEWA’s Managing Director and CEO, and Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, President of Alstom Grid.

This centre, the first of its kind in the region, will enable Alstom’s customers to locally develop and integrate software and perform factory acceptance tests on site. Customised training on all Smart Grid applications will also be provided, using simulated protected customer network data for case studies, ensuring to the most efficient implementation of new technologies as customers use Smart Grid solutions to monitor and manage their own networks.

“The inauguration of Alstom Smart Grid Centre in Dubai is a cornerstone of the group’s commitment to the development of the Smart Grid in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East region,” said Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, President of Alstom Grid. “As Smart Grid technologies are integrated to existing infrastructure , customers in the region will benefit from the centre’s close links to Alstom’s state-of-the-art Smart Grid Centres in France and USA, using tools and processes with the latest technologies, and ongoing support from Alstom experts worldwide – in real-time.”

The Middle East region faces increasing demand for electricity, grid reliability, stability, and lower environmental impact, and the introduction of digital equipment and software applications into existing infrastructures will help power generation and electrical utilities to interconnect existing assets and optimise network control, making the most of energy available and ultimately working towards a smarter Grid with a lower carbon footprint.

With a legacy of over 30 years in the region, Alstom has solid references in the field of integrated distribution management systems, asset management solutions, wide area monitoring systems, all contributing to a more reliable and sustainable electrical grid.

Over 30 years of commitment in UAE / Near and Middle East region:

Alstom Grid is an important contributor to the development and growth of the United Arab Emirates and Middle East countries, delivering state of art and critical electrical infrastructure projects. It stands among the top three suppliers of extra-high voltage (EHV), high voltage (HV) and high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission equipment in the world.

Alstom Grid’s local units include: Solutions Group Unit, Substation Automation Systems (SAS) Unit, Network Management Systems (NMS) Unit, Service Unit and a state-of-the-art substation automation integration and testing facility.

Regional hub for network management systems:

Alstom is world leader for network management systems, allowing its customers worldwide to optimise global grid performance.

In Dubai – UAE, a dedicated team of experts provides tailored solutions in the entire region, including:

Integration of software solutions for control room and smart grid applications
Design and engineering of telecom solutions dedicated to the power network

Better energy management with Smart Grid and Super Grid solutions:

Alstom has local expertise in network management, substations automation and power electronics systems. Its technologies for enhanced transmission and distribution networks use digital control monitoring and telecommunications enabling real time monitoring and energy management. Alstom is a trailblazer in Smart Grid and Super Grid technologies, breaking ground with various projects in the Middle East including:

Fully integrated Distribution Management Systems (iDMS) in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain allowing customer to pilot in real time their entire grids and minimize energy losses

Wide area monitoring systems (WAMS) and stability solutions for GCCIA interconnection project to guarantee stability and reliability of grid networks in GCC countries.

Asset Management in Qatar allowing customers to have exhaustive technical status on grid infrastructure assets to identify maintenance needs.

Substation automation integration and testing facility in the UAE, performing factory acceptance tests for protection cubicles

Integration of protection and control panels in Saudi Arabia, to supply regional customer with Alstom’s latest substation protection and automation equipment

First Alstom’s energy market management system in Saudi Arabia: this will interconnect regional control centres of Gulf countries through GCCIA and enable the management of an electricity wholesale market between various stakeholders.

SOURCE: Alstom Grid