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Alstom to contribute to the integration of renewable energies in Smart Grid Vendée project


Alstom has been awarded a contract to deliver its Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) for the Vendée, a French administrative district, located on the west coast of France. Smart Grid Vendée is a €28 million consortium-led[1] demonstration project launched in June 2013 that will last five years. It will pilot a range of smart grid technologies to tackle the changing energy landscape, integrating renewable energies and modernising the electricity distribution grid.

The distribution grid is seeing an increase in small-scale power generation, such as wind and solar energies, as well as new ways of using electricity, such as electrical vehicles[2]. All are known as Distributed Energy Resources (DER). The integration of DER in the distribution grid at an optimal infrastructure cost requires the deployment of new information and operation technologies. These technologies smooth the intermittency in generation or consumption peaks, and pave the way to a reliable grid.

Alstom’s e-terraDRBizNet is a core component of the DERMS solution. This software technology will be fully integrated with the network operator decision support tools and will offer a single active control portal to manage distributed generation and demand side resources.

“Alstom is proud to be at the forefront of Smart Grid development, supporting the Smart Grid Vendée project. Renewable power is fast-growing, and expected to make up almost a quarter of the global power mix by 2018 [3]” said Karim El Naggar, Vice President of Alstom Grid’s Network Management Solutions. “Today, Alstom’s e-terraDRBizNet solution enables more than 10,000 MW of demand response globally, representing over 1,000,000 end-user residential customers and over 10,000 commercial and industrial customers.”

Alstom participates in more than 30 grid innovation projects worldwide, financed by private and public funds, such as the recent Nice Grid smart solar district project in Nice, France. These new smart grid innovative solutions are tested in research and development pilot projects around the world, leading the way to the electrical grid of the future.

[1] The consortium is led by the Union Department of Energy of Vendée (SyDEV) and ERDF the French Distribution Grid Operator. It consists of six other partners RTE, Alstom, Cofely Ineo, Legrand, Actility, and CNAM. The consortium answered the French ADEME agency smart grid solutions call and benefits up to 9.5 MEUR of its financial support.

[2] By 2020, the number of electrical vehicles is estimated to reach 2 million in France. (–fevrier-2013261.php)

[3] “Renewable Energy Medium-Term Market Report 2013,” International Energy Agency.

SOURCE: Alstom Grid