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IoT World Forum 2018

Alstom T&D India to upgrade Grid Infrastructure in Eastern India


Alstom T&D India has secured an order from Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL), approximately €25 million (INR 2000 million), to supply transformers for the upgrade and expansion of 400/220 kV grid substations across eastern India.

The project is part of the Eastern Region Strengthening Scheme of Power Grid, which aims to improve the transmission infrastructure in the states of West Bengal, Odisha and Bihar in eastern India. The new equipment will strengthen power handling capacity of various substations across these states, stabilising the transmission network.

Under this contract, Alstom will upgrade existing 400/220 kV substations by installing new equipment such as circuit breakers, instrument transformers, protection and control panels. Alstom will supply seven units of 400/220kV, 500MVA transformers and three units of 220/132/33kV, 160 MVA transformers.[1] It will also upgrade two units of 400/220kV 315MVA transformers at the Jamshedpur and NTPC’s Farakka substations. Major equipment will be supplied from Alstom T&D India’s manufacturing facilities across the country.

Rathin Basu, Managing Director of Alstom T&D India said, “Alstom is pleased to contribute to the improvement of the power transmission capabilities, both for intra and inter-state grids. Our advanced and localised technologies will reinforce the eastern grid, making it more secure and reliable.”