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IoT World Forum 2018
IoT World Forum 2018

Alstom launches Next Generation IDMS for smart distribution operations


Alstom today announced the launch of its next generation Integrated Distribution Management System (IDMS) at the IEEE Power and Energy Society’s 2014 General Meeting in Washington, DC. Alstom’s next generation IDMS leverages its service-oriented architecture across the utility enterprise by integrating data from many disparate and new areas of the evolving distribution grid. The “Integrated” aspect of Alstom’s IDMS is key to the effective exchange of data and information to manage reliability in an increasingly smarter grid.

The IDMS is based on its e-terradistribution platform deployed at over 25 utilities worldwide with modular applications to actively monitor and optimize the performance of the electric distribution grid by integrating SCADA, Distribution Management and Outage Management functions on a common platform and distribution network model.

The IDMS is driven by utilities’ evolving business requirements and increased focus on smart grid targets like renewable integration and increased customer engagement. Alstom is also collaborating on various Smart Distribution pilot projects aimed at providing control room operators enhanced capabilities to visualize and manage Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) for active smart grid operations. This includes facilitating the exchange of data between the utility and electricity consumers by supporting the deployment of DERs including solar PV, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging stations.

In addition, the IDMS provides simulation capabilities to analyze the impact of DER penetration on real-time grid operations and improving operating procedures during blue sky days and for storm restoration.

By integrating data from Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation (DA) and also providing advanced distribution model validation and management, Alstom’s latest technology helps utilities better visualize the real-time status of their network and optimize distribution grid performance.

“Integrating previously separate systems, new digital devices, and distributed energy resources are fundamentally changing how we manage, deliver and ultimately use electricity. Our next generation IDMS is an extension of our collaboration with forward-thinking utilities who are seeking technology solutions to position their power grids for the future,” said Karim El Naggar, Vice President of Alstom Grid’s Network Management Solutions.