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IoT World Forum 2018
IoT World Forum 2018

New measuring devices simplify power monitoring in buildings


Siemens enhances its portfolio for power monitoring in buildings with two measuring devices. New are the multichannel current measuring system SEM3 and the 7KT PAC1600 measuring devices. Users can easily install the systems, and thus quickly and easily detect and compare their electricity consumption with time and cost precision for all loads in the building. This makes power consumption transparent, revealing energy hogs or avoidable load peaks. As a result, users can implement more targeted measures for energy savings and cost reduction.

The multichannel current measuring system SEM3 is used in the main power distribution and consists of current transformers, measurement modules and a central controller. The scalable complete system can detect up to 45 measurement points in a building. The power data such as voltage, currents and power can be visualized in a single web interface or in the powermanager power monitoring software. This makes it possible to directly compare individual loads and to identify current peaks. Systematic power monitoring promotes greater energy efficiency in buildings and creates the technical basis for certification according to ISO 50001. The multichannel current measuring system SEM3 fulfills all requirements of the standard. The system makes energy consumption transparent, energy hogs are identified, and increased electricity costs are avoided. The internal cache (two gigabytes) allows for the storage of long-term data. Retrofit installation in existing power distributions is possible at any time.

The new compact 7KT PAC1600 measuring devices are installed using a space-saving design in power and installation distribution boards. They detect base electrical quantities and show the values directly on the display of the relevant measuring device. Special device versions are tested according to the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). MID certification enables the costs for the measured energy consumption to be billed to third parties. The user-friendly devices with a display are available in single-phase and three-phase versions, each with special MID certified versions. Via an integrated communication interface, the detected energy data can be transmitted via Modbus RTU and M-Bus to higher-level energy management or billing systems – and this does not require any additional communication modules.