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M2M World Congress 2016
M2M World Congress 2016

AutoGrid Systems and Trilliant Partner to Provide Enhanced Predictive Analytics Solutions


AutoGrid Systems, a leader in big data and smart grid analytics solutions for the energy industry, and Trilliant, a global smart grid communications leader, today announced they will partner to bring enhanced predictive analytics solutions to the global utility industry.

When operating as an integrated solution, AutoGrid’s Energy Data Platform (EDP) and Trilliant’s SecureMesh® Smart Communications Platform will provide an end-to-end solution for global utilities to deploy and operationalize grid solutions including demand response, theft analysis, EV charging and advanced forecasting applications. Together, AutoGrid and Trilliant help utility customers improve grid reliability, increase profitability and improve customer engagement through big data analytics while future-proofing for AMI and distribution automation deployments.

“Utilities need to leverage the vast amounts of data becoming available to them to improve customer engagement, provide new services to customers and improve grid operations. We are pleased to announce that our best-of-breed and proven big data analytics solutions will be immediately available to Trilliant’s worldwide smart grid customer base under this partnership,” said Raj Pai, AutoGrid’s Vice President of Product Management and Marketing.

“Trilliant and AutoGrid have been developing and deploying scalable, open solutions to help utilities derive value from the huge amounts of data they receive from their smart grid deployments. Together, our technologies combine to deliver both immediate value to those just starting a new deployment phase as well as utilities that want to leverage all required and available data in the future,” said Mike Mortimer, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Trilliant.

The Trilliant SecureMesh Smart Communications Platform is a smart grid platform purpose-built for the utility industry. Utilities worldwide have recognized that a single communications technology will not address all of their smart grid needs: broadband may be needed for low-latency applications like distribution automation and cellular AMI may be needed for targeted deployments. Trilliant has integrated market-leading technology— broadband mesh, RF mesh AMI, cellular AMI, and others—into a common platform. Trilliant’s unified, multi-technology, multi-purpose platform gives utilities the simplicity of one platform with the flexibility of multiple technologies, built with open standards and with broad industry support—providing utilities a low-risk path towards a smarter grid.

AutoGrid’s EDP offers utilities a highly scalable software platform that is capable of processing petabytes of data, making real-time predictions and running complex optimization algorithms across millions of variables. Applications built on EDP enable electricity providers and consumers of all sizes to forecast generation, consumption and other grid conditions at unprecedented levels of granularity and thus optimize and personalize solutions including demand response, distributed energy resource management, theft detection and grid asset optimization. AutoGrid’s solutions can be deployed in weeks rather than months or years, don’t require expensive capital investments and have an immediate ROI.

The Trilliant partnership builds upon the growing momentum achieved by AutoGrid in 2014:

  • Dozens of utilities around the world, including E.ON, Bonneville Power Administration, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Austin Energy and the City of Palo Alto Utilities have deployed EDP to better analyze grid data and optimize applications and operations.
  • AutoGrid was selected as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and was recognized as the Industrial Innovation Company of the Year by the Cleantech Group.
  • AutoGrid established an industry benchmark by demonstrating that EDP can generate up to one million forecasts every ten minutes as part of the Department of Energy’s Advanced Projects Research Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) under the Green Electricity Network Integration (GENI) program.
  • Continued expansion of AutoGrid’s partner network, which includes NTT DATA, Schneider Electric, Silver Spring Networks, E.ON and BDES, among others.