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Itron Launches ITRON RIVA™ Developers Community for Internet of Things


Itron Inc. , a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water, announced today the launch of the Itron Riva Developers Community, inviting developers to create applications for its Itron Riva platform. Itron Riva is the first-of-its-kind distributed intelligence platform that supports sensing technologies and dynamic applications at the device level. With the developers community, Itron is accelerating app software development for the Itron Riva platform, further enabling an ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The Itron Riva Developers Community will offer developers the tools to prototype, validate and develop turnkey IoT applications. These applications could cover various IoT verticals, such as energy and water management, building energy management, smart street lighting and solar monitoring. The applications will run on interconnected devices, which could include parking meters, appliances, streetlights, sensors and more.

Through the Itron Riva Developers Community site at, developers will be able to access tools and support for app development, including purchasing Itron Riva Development Kits, participating in an online forum and accessing Itron support. The development kit includes an Itron Riva board and tools for cloud-based analytics and visualization of sensor and network health data. It is interoperable with WiFi, Ethernet, power line carrier (PLC) and IPv6 communications.

“For the first time, engineers, developers and manufacturers will be able to develop, deploy and manage sensing technologies and dynamic applications at the device level. By launching the Itron Riva Developers Community, we are fundamentally changing edge computing for millions of meters and smart devices worldwide,” said Simon Pontin, Itron’s chief technology officer. “With more than 145 million devices, including communication modules and meters, in the field, Itron is uniquely qualified to advance the Internet of Things. We are giving developers access to a robust, secure and programmable platform for true distributed intelligence, creating numerous possibilities for realizing the promise of the IoT to empower smarter utilities and smarter cities.”